The Reserve In Glenview: Single Hung, Sliding Door, Swing Doors

The Solution

The challenge of being the best is staying ahead of the curve. Each project Newtec Windows engages in presents with design, sourcing, and coordination possibilities that are not always easy to overcome. Our projects contain numerous challenges that are planned, solved and processed to meet with customer time tables, estimates are honest and on target for maximum efficiency. Through value engineering, customizing, and team contributions we design, create, and execute at the highest level.

Products used:

  • Newtec Series 600 Single Hung windows
  • Newtec Series 2100 Sliding Doors
  • Newtec Series 4500 Swing Doors

Windows and Doors installed: 1,300 Windows and doors in Total

Single Hung

The Reserve Apartment Complex Single Hung Window Project Window Preivew

Project Pricing

Teams Coordinated

Need Time in Days

Amazing Result

  • Project Ontime Deadlines 100% 100%
  • Percentage of Rain Days 15% 15%
  • Total On Budget 98% 98%

The Results Were Amazing

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